Seems like one of the things that keeps showing up in these posts are the many ways I didn’t really know how office life would be. These openers are starting to all the sound the same… and now I’m wondering what things, in fact, I did actually know coming into this.

The list would be undoubtedly short.

Another thing I never thought I would care about in my life is parking. Have you ever caught yourself getting upset over something small and wondered “Is this really what it’s come to for me? Is this who I’ve become?” That’s me with parking.

Well, was.

When I first started, I would drive up in the morning and look around at the uncovered spots to see which one was closest to the door. And nothing broke my heart more than driving up to what seemed to be a close, open spot only to find that it’s open because someone couldn’t figure out how to NOT park halfway into the spot.

Finding a half parked-in space that’s close to the door and that you thought was open might be the worst heartache a human can feel. #nojoke #thestruggle

If I ever find out who did that… I’m either buying them glasses, some PT to help with their obviously lacking motor skills, or some dentures for when I’m finished “discussing” the issue with them behind the building.

And in typical fashion, rather than confronting this problem or resolving the issue, I’ve sidestepped it and paid for a covered spot so I can feel like a King each and every day.

And now, I LOL knowing others will have to fight for their life on the daily. I imagine this is how Effie felt in the Hunger Games. My heart goes out to you, non-covered space companions…

May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.jpg

Photo: Lionsgate


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