(Not So) Fun in the Sun: My Poor, Crispy Skin

One might think that the effects of life in Cube City are limited to the 9-5 grind of the Monday through Friday.

One would be wrong in assuming this.

What one doesn’t realize when working in Cube City is that your skin is being trained 5 days a week to deny the fact that the rest of the world experiences a strange phenomenon every day called ‘sunlight’.

Apparently, that’s like a ‘thing’ now: sunlight.

AND, when your sheltered skin becomes exposed to sunlight, it becomes angry and decides that you are no longer a suitable host for its needs. It then decides to leave you in tiny curls and flakes.

The actual mechanics of how I’ve learned this to be true is irrelevant.

Just trust me. It’s true.

And if you’ve experienced it too – solidarity.  It can only get better from here, right? Cube City prepares you for real life in some ways, but in others, it really hangs you out to dry. Or in this case, burn.

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