Free Food Can Own My Life & Dignity and That’s Ok (aka, Thoughts on Business Lunches)

Cube City, for all the angst it brings, does have its perks.

One of those perks is business lunch.

Business lunch is something you set up so you can eat under the guise of working, while also not paying for your meal.

It’s modern genius.

Who said life is all work and no play?

It’s like me saying to you “I’ll give you a free meal if you talk to me about the things I want to talk about for an hour and a half.” You would be a fool to say no.  And if you doubt that this can be an effective motivator, talk to any college student you know and see if there’s something they won’t do for a free meal. I’m employed and I’d still hop on a free lunch faster than… someone that moves quickly (examples are my strongpoint). #nailedit

Like, honestly, “On a budget” > my dignity and self-respect.

And plus, being a part of a business lunch makes you seem super committed to your job. “I’m willing to give up my sacred food time for the sake of business.” Those kind of moves only come from people ready for the next level.

So go on, sacrifice your dignity for some free lunch. You go, Glen Coco!

You Go Glen CoCo.jpg

PC: Paramount

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