“An Office is a Place Where Dreams Come True.”

So, apparently Cube City life isn’t like they say it will be on TV.

They tell you on TV that working in an office will find you your soul mate. They tell you on TV that working in an office will give you an uptight, cat-loving coworker that you can’t stand. They tell you on TV that your boss will be Michael Scott and that your life will be endless entertainment and one comical scene after another strung together until your workday is complete. And that you won’t have to do any real work while the cameras are rolling.

Apparently, life isn’t like they say it will be on TV.

And I think I got gypped. #pleasesendhelp

I know what you’re thinking: “It’s your own fault for not realizing that Cube City would be nothing like The Office, you fool.”

To which I respond:

  1. Shut up. No one asked for your opinion.
  2. You don’t know every office in the world in all the different places. Statistically speaking, there’s a possibility that such an office exists. It’s simply a matter of finding it. Duh.
  3. Do you really want to be responsible for crushing the dreams of the kid who’s going to replace you when you decide your 401(k) is big enough to let you retire? No, you don’t. People who want to do that have no soul and don’t care about retirement. DON’T be that person.
  4. Being 24, I’m always right and know all the things.

Fake it till you make it. It’s a real thing.

What I’ve decided on is this: while Cube City might not make the workday seem like a day with Dwight or an afternoon with Angela, there are worse things that could happen in a day. Worse things that don’t pay you money. Worse things that take your money. Things that make you sad or want to cry like you’re in Kindergarten again.

(If you’re still struggling to come up with a tangible example of something worse than a day in Cube City, please comment below with the name of the prescription anti-anxiety medication you’re taking so my doctor can consult me about its obvious benefits. Thanks. #fanlove).

And if your job has 0 things that make it even remotely appreciable, start searching Career Builder for something new. Because it’s obviously time for a change. And you owe it to yourself to not have a life you hate. Because as Michael Scott says, “An office is a place where dreams come true.”

The Office - Michael Scott - An Office is a Place Where Dreams Come True.jpg

Photo: NBC


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