Last Day of School Vibes

Even in Cube City, you can land that excellent feeling of the last day of school.

When I was hired for my first big boy job, I thought I was done with the feelings I used to feel in school.  That I wouldn’t know the feeling of the mean kids talking about me at lunch, or the feeling of being excited for new office supplies, or the feeling of excitement for summer to start ever again.

By now, I’m sure you know this is NOT the case.

If you don’t, let me be the first to tell you: you’re wrong.

Sometimes, it’s a good thing to be wrong.

I definitely didn’t think I would ever feel the enthusiasm of the last day of school again, but our office has been #blessed to get a tiny taste of the work-version of summer (if you ask management, they will NOT agree that we’ve been #blessed).

Our corner of the Cube City universe has been wrought with computer outages recently. A few Fridays ago, we were down for the WHOLE day (read that again: a WHOLE DAY). We couldn’t leave because we didn’t know when the computers would come back on, but while the clock tick-tocked on, I felt a flash back to the last day of school all over again.

We couldn’t do any real work, but we had to check the box and be there.

YES. PLEASE. #summervibes2.0

It was the blessing of Cube City, the unicorn of work-related incidences: we were paid to do fun projects. It’s like spring cleaning and the last day of school had a baby. We got to clear out clutter, get up from our desks, talk about why we thought our computers were down, and bond.

Weird. But awesome. #schoolkidfever. The computers never came back on that day, so we had early release (to use a school word), and went home at 3. A full day of pay, a full day of ‘work,’ a full day of bonding and new activities, and an early release. G dang it, that was fun.

You may never be too young to live in Cubicle City, but you can definitely choose how you want to experience it. Even if we couldn’t get our work done, we had a hell of a day filling the time and I’m definitely better for it. Can I get an amen?

The Office - Laughing & Crying - The Last Day of School Vibes

Photo: NBC

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