Why Outlook Doesn’t Actually Run Your Life

Your week in Cube City may be scheduled on an Outlook calendar that your coworkers can stalk like a tiger stalking prey, but we all know your stomach really runs the show. And that fool ain’t on no Outlook calendar.

It goes something like this:

9:00 am – still full from breakfast, nice.

10:00 am – im getting kinda hungry…i can wait until lunch.

10:46 am – is it lunch yet?

11:00 am – screw it, I’m eating

1:00 pm – why did I eat lunch so early?

2:00 pm – I need a snack! Cookies, chips, everything. ANYTHING.

4:00 pm – what should I eat for dinner tonight? I don’t want to cook anything….

5:30 pm – Shoot, I’m home and still haven’t decided on dinner.

5:31 pm – *drives to Wendy’s* I’ll figure this meal planning thing out another day.

The Office - It's Never Too Early For Ice Cream Michael Scott

Photo: NBC


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