Cube City Solidarity

Life in Cube City must be the same everywhere you go.

Last week I had x-rays taken at an imaging center and as I walked up to the front desk, I could hear the front desk worker speaking on the phone. Though I wasn’t sure what she was talking about with the person on the other end, I heard her say “of course they didn’t.”

I may not work here, but I know that phrase: the cry of agony of the Cube City resident – “of course they didn’t.”

I know what it’s like to be someone who knows how a process should be done, what it takes to accomplish a task and who is in pain that a seemingly simple procedure wasn’t followed, creating a problem where there wasn’t one before.

And naturally, I will have to be the one to fix this previously non-existent and completely avoidable problem.

Thanks, friend.

And here we see how the seemingly simple can become the instantly complex, fresh out of the gate at 8 am. It’s a hallmark of life in Cube City and the struggle of working in a team to keep your corporate clipper moving “full steam ahead.”

It’s only 8 am.

And so it begins.

The Office - Michael Scott I'm Dead Inside

Photo: NBC

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