No Trouble in Paradise

For all it’s troubles, there can be definite perks to working in Cube City.

Example: you drive your very exciting Honda Civic to work because you’re a dedicated member of the vanilla-flavored Cube City crowd (shoutout to those of you have exceeded this level of excitement in your life – please comment below with your life tips for those of us who find that #thestruggleisreal). You get hit with a light sprinkle of rain on your drive to work. You’re working overtime because it’s fourth quarter. Your car slowly fills with junk – old drinks, wrappers from meals you’ve eaten on the go… basically anything that would indicate you’re a human with some standard of living for yourself.

You want to once again have a (somewhat) clean car that says “Hey, I work a lot, but I still know how to keep my life together,” but you don’t have time or energy to wash it yourself.

Enter the saving grace of Cube City: in-office services.

I found out the other week that our office has on-site car cleaning and detailing. FOR $35.


I can absolutely let a stranger think I’m a lazy and/or busy office worker if you can restore my car to the dignity it deserves for $35, all while I’m working to earn more of that green.

Oh yes. Yes that will work just fine. 

Working while you check off items on your chore list?

Oh, yes PLEASE!

God bless. America truly is the land of opportunity.

Photo: NBC

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