GoToMeeting & GoToWebinar

Talk about love-hate relationships.

When I first started working in Cube City, GoToMeeting was something I had heard about somewhere that one time from that one person. Nevermind the fact that GoToMeeting has a cousin, GoToWebinar.

I was a peasant.

But one might say, a blissful peasant.

The GoToMeeting family of products are probably how Outlook was in the 90’s. At first, you weren’t really sure if you really needed to use it or how it works. The only things that’s changed between now and then is now you know you need it, desperately, but you still have zero idea of how it works (translation: you need it but have zero power to fix it if something goes wrong).

Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket.

I’m lucky enough to not be the one who presents using the software, but I’ve become a scheduler (one thing you learn in Cube City is that if someone finds out you’re capable of something, you instantly become the go-to person for that skill). In short, that means I have to set it up for people who will turn around to instantly ask me if something goes wrong, and I will be sitting there with no idea how to help (if that day comes, I’ll probably cry a tasteful amount and then just tender my resignation).

And if any of you have experienced this, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

This is (roughly) how the thought sentence goes in my head every time I have to set up a GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar:

“This is going to be so slick to use but dear GOD please let it work, because if it doesn’t, I have ZERO control over the system and ZERO idea how to go about resolving this while trying to not to look like an idiot in front of whoever I’m trying to impress and/or wow with my product and life skills.”

You know, it’s casual.


Photo: NBC

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