PSA: Bathroom Paper Towels

If you’re the person who leaves paper towels on the floor or in the sink in the bathroom, this post is for you.

And if  you don’t want to read the whole post, here’s the summary: if you’re the one in your office doing this, stop it. Stop it right now.

We’ve all experienced the situation that goes a little something like this: you walk in to use the facilities, wash your hands and then return to work like any normal human being would.

The first part goes well and you are successfully completing the second when you look down and lo and behold you see a paper towel, sopping wet and clogging the drain and making the sink into a lukewarm, hand filth jacuzzi.

Um, ew.

This is going to be the reason why management eventually invests in those hand dryers that blow your hands with gusts of air so powerful they make your skin wrinkle.

Does anyone really win in that situation? No. 

If you want to leave a trail of filth behind you at home, that’s fine. It’s your prerogative as an American to live your life as you choose.

BUT, bringing that same habit into work for everyone else to enjoy just isn’t fair. Plus, then we have to play maid or leave it for someone whose job it is to clean up the bathroom (and I JUST washed my hands, so I’m not super keen on getting them dirty again). Call it job security for them, but, like, we’re adults now so… we really shouldn’t even be needing to have this conversation.

If you’re old enough to earn a paycheck, you’re old enough to throw used paper towels into the trash can.

Please stop the madness – my hands are starting to prune up from all this extra water!

With much concern (and a very full sink from the soggy towels),

An Office Worker


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