Healthy Work Lunches

Making healthy work lunches when you’re half awake is like trying to decide whether you want to live or low-key die, but at 7am and with minimal brain power.

It’s a lot of pressure to have so early in the morning.

Look, my eyes have barely started working, nevermind my brain, and now you’re asking me to choose whether I want a lunch meal that’s either easy to make or healthy. Every day. For the rest of my life.

Does anyone really win with those decision options?

No. No they don’t. Not even the healthy ones.

Maybe we’ll have better luck considering the different reasons to choose a healthy lunch or a convenient lunch (aka frozen meals).

Healthy Lunch

  1. Won’t kill you early
  2. Full of fresh ingredients
  3. Minimal flavor
  4. Not filling
  5. Keeps you slim (only consolation of healthy lunch)

Convenient Lunch

  1. Easy to make
  2. Doesn’t expire quickly because of shelf-stabilizers and being frozen
  3. Extra flavor from “Natural Flavor” additives
  4. Staves off hunger due to fillers
  5. High sodium content

Huh. Talk about a break even analysis.

What about the lazy people who want full calorie meals, like me? Our options are wildly limited. This is the true face of oppression.

#pleasesendhelp but not in the form of a recipe book. Because I may be discontent, but I’m still lazy. Hence why my freezer is full of lunch meals.

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