FitBits & Fitness Devices

At first you love them, then they control your life.

When I first got my Apple Watch, I thought my fitness life was going to change. That it would be revolutionary. That I would instantly have six pack abs.

It ain’t no spoiler alert that THAT hasn’t happened.

Which, for the record, should have been in the footnotes of the instructions. You know you’re an office worker when you have to take your device off for some kind of activity and the first thing you think of is “Shoot, now I’m not gonna have my steps tracked.”

A true crisis.

As if the whole point of the activity isn’t that you’re ACTUALLY being active and now you’re suddenly more concerned about whether or not your tiny piece of silicon will recognize your efforts.

But honestly, that’s exactly what went through my head this weekend. As far as my technology is concerned, my weekend activity never happened. The only thig that proves my outdoor time is the sunburn on my shoulders.

And unfortunately, my Apple Watch doesn’t track those.

Be still, my heart. And be tracking, my Apple Watch.

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