Help Desk: Ticket 3 -Title Change Challenge

Help Desk: Ticket 3
Office Woe: Should I Ask for a Title Change?

Dear Help Desk,

I was recently put fully in charge of a project headed by the former assistant manager at work. Would it be out of line for a raise and a title change?


I Wanna Be Promoted

Dear Man with His Head in the Clouds,

First off, way to kill it in the job arena. Killing your job is the only type of murder you can really get away with these days, be it professionally or criminally. What is this world coming to?**

When one desires to be recognized for their achievements in the workplace, one must often demand what he or she wants; rarely does the recognition you deserve come quickly or easily.

Help Desk, thankfully, has a solution to expedite the desired outcome. Rather than approaching your bosses directly about your concern, we recommend a ransom note constructed from a variety of letters clipped from magazines, arranged to explain the current and desired employment situations.

If no positive response or change in your title / pay grade happens within a reasonable window (given the pace of corporate decision-making, 20 minutes should suffice), we would recommend turning up the ‘heat’ on the situation by severing the A/C unit’s connections in your supervisor’s car. Only when a boss has to sweat something out (metaphorically or otherwise) do they realize the gravity of their situation.

We at Help Desk want to see our clients satisfied and excelling in their respective positions. Hopefully, we can help you get the heck out of yours and bumped up a notch. We wish you nothing but the best!

Yours in professionalism and aspiration,

Help Desk

** Life of an Office Worker, nor Help Desk, nor any of its affiliates, entities or business partners in any way condone federally punishable crimes including, but not limited to, murder and/or serious maiming. Metaphorical language has been used and phrasing has been cleared through legal to ensure a robust and accessible experience with Help Desk. Thank you for understanding.

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