Scaling Back And, Like, Realizing Things


Photo: E! Network

Hey Everyone,

I feel like it’s only fair to write you in complete honesty (don’t worry, this isn’t going to get hella deep or scary. This blog is fun, remember?).

So, it turns out that I’m a ‘real person’ in the ‘real world’ (shocking, I know). I’m starting a new position at work and sometimes when you start something new, you find that setting new boundaries for yourself can help ensure your best chance of being successful.

If you don’t learn to readjust your boundaries when life changes, chances are you will crash and burn in a blaze of (un)glory.

Ew. Barf. No thanks.

One of the boundaries I’m adjusting is limiting the amount of time I spend on social media; it’s going to be a large part of my new job and too much of a good thing is… well.. too much of a good thing (like, this has definitely been the year of realizing things. Kylie Jenner was way off saying that 2016 was the year of realizing things).

So I’m going to be focusing pretty much exclusively on the blog and then some potential changes to the site. I’m sure you understand (and if you don’t, shut up. I didn’t even ask you). If you crazies are anything like me, you sign up for cool opportunities left and right while you think to yourself “This could be a good way to fill the free time in my schedule,” fully knowing you have exactly ZERO free time in your schedule and it’s probably the cause of your nervous breakdowns that you have pretty much every month (see the exact #relatable content that encapsulates this here).

Like, what is wrong with me? You’d think I’d learn.

SO, if you want to stay up to date (which you should or else stop reading this blog and you’re dead to me), go to the right-hand column on the home page (or if you’re on mobile, scroll towards the bottom) and subscribe to the email list to make sure you catch everything that’s coming up on here, including the big changes coming to the site!

Because I’m not here to waste your time. And you’re definitely not here to waste yours. So why not stay up on the stuff that really matters in life (aka Life of an Office Worker and NOTHING else).

It continues to be an honor and a pleasure to write this each and every week. You guys are the best. Even if you’re dumb smart enough to listen to me.

Sincerely Yours,

A Fellow Office Worker

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