St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations


If you’re all about St. Patty’s Day, rah rah for you.

 For those of us who don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, all it seems like is a chance for party stores to sell green colored signs and napkins to people wanting to drink enough colored alcohol to turn themselves green from the inside out.


Each year, I forget about St Patrick’s Day until either it arrives or I realize I’ve missed it because someone is telling me their crazy stories from it.



And when I realize I’ve missed another year of doing something that normal Millenials are supposed to take part in, this is what runs through my head:

  1. Oh crap. I totally forgot about this holiday.
  2. Is this the one where people drink the colored alcohol?
  3. Is there any slang I’m supposed to know about this in order to seem cool and/or knowledgeable about youth culture?
  4. Whatever, I don’t even care. It’s probably dumb.
  5. *moment of faltering self-confidence*
  6. EFFFF, now I need to say I did something even better than getting crazy drunk with strangers in a place that’s loud and sweaty.
  7. Nope, we got nothing.

And thus we learn about the modern wonder of Cubicle City that is this: if your work doesn’t sponsor it and you’re tired at the end of a long day, you won’t be celebrating many holidays with your lazy self home in bed.

And here’s the second, hidden wonder of Cubicle City: if you’re totally ok with that, you need to get a life. And fast.

Now go enjoy this Monday with some boosted self-esteem and go make some plans for Friday!

With only your best in mind,

A Fellow Office Worker


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