Morning Routines

Any office worker worth their salt knows that the morning routine is what sets you up for success (or failure) for the day. 

Forget to eat breakfast this morning? Grumpy times at work. 

Forget to use the bathroom before you leave for the day? Panic time in traffic. 

Your morning routine sets your tone for the day. It’s just how it is. Don’t try and fight it. 

And JUST when you think you have that morning routine down to a science, you travel. And your world turns upside down. And you forget to do things like write your blog post for the week so you don’t look like a lazy and forgetful piece of internet garbage. (That last one probably isn’t going to ring as true for everyone, so…. whatever. Take my word for it. It happens.)

Do you really want to spend your mornings stressed out, only to get MORE stressed out when you get to work? Is THAT what you dreamed of doing on Career Day when you pictured your future?

No, it’s not. 

So stop being a fool and give yourself the time you need to get things done in the morning (these activities may or may not include the following: ceasing to drool on yourself like a human river, wiping the crust off your eye from watching way too much tv the night before, showering your body so you don’t smell like death and perhaps some time to let the ‘ol noggin start firing on at least 4 cylinders before attempting to drive a 2,000 pound mode of transportation).

LOW friends (Life of an Office Worker abbreviation – edgy, right?), it’s been real. Too real. Like, this advice is ALL too real this morning. But it’s time to piece my life together before my flight leaves without me, soooo…. bye. #blessed


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