Scaling Back And, Like, Realizing Things

Photo: E! Network Hey Everyone, I feel like it’s only fair to write you in complete honesty (don’t worry, this isn’t going to get hella deep or scary. This blog is fun, remember?). So, it turns out that I’m a ‘real person’ in the ‘real world’ (shocking, I know). I’m starting a new position at … More Scaling Back And, Like, Realizing Things


Super Bowl Sunday

Ah, the Super Bowl. Once a year when society requires me to pretend to like sports. But let’s be real, I’m only at this party for the commercials and the food. I want to laugh while being solicited to buy products and I want to do it while consuming foods that never even come close to … More Super Bowl Sunday

Healthy Work Lunches

Making healthy work lunches when you’re half awake is like trying to decide whether you want to live or low-key die, but at 7am and with minimal brain power. It’s a lot of pressure to have so early in the morning. Look, my eyes have barely started working, nevermind my brain, and now you’re asking me … More Healthy Work Lunches

Help Desk: Ticket 1

Welcome to Help Desk, the place where you can receive stellar advice from our team of office life expert(s)! Run out of tape for your tape dispenser? Have you fallen and pierced an organ on your pencil? Need to navigate treacherous social waters and need a stellar opening line? Help Desk can answer it all. Want to … More Help Desk: Ticket 1