We’ve Hit 1,000 Views: THANK YOU! #fanlove

You guys, it happened this week.

We hit 1,000 views on the blog! And in just 3 months!

Who would have guessed there are so many of us both in love with and confused by the happenings of Cube City – be it our unexpectedly passionate pursuit of free carbohydrates or the struggles of translating corporate lingo into understandable English?

I’ve been overwhelmed by the love and support for this blog, which is near and dear to my heart, and it makes me feel just a little less crazy to know there’s some #solidarity out there. Thank you for your support, your shares and your own stories!

I’d love for the message and catharsis of the blog to reach even more people (since I thought I was crazy until writing this and then realized you are just as crazy as me).  So, please share about Life of an Office Worker with anyone you think might enjoy it – they probably deserve to know they aren’t alone since #thestruggleisREAL (Cube City life, right?).

As the next stage of the blog gears up, I wanted to share a small token of my appreciation. Enjoy the following musical message:

Much love,

An Office Worker


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