A Very Office Thanksgiving

If you somehow expect a strong connection between the holiday happening Thursday and what it’s like to stare at two monitors all day, you’re nuts.

Go eat some pie, yah turkey (hey, at least I can get a good dad joke / pun in, right?).

I’m now at the end of two drafts that sounded like they would be stellar and they just haven’t come together. They seemed thoughtful and reflective, but they fell apart like my sanity during these last few months of the year.

My ego simply isn’t allowing a post about something kitschy for the Thanksgiving holiday. If anything, that’s being saved for Christmas.

So you might not be out of the woods yet. #OutoftheWoods #TaylorSwift #1989


The summary of the super-deep post is basically this: work’s been rough, I acted like a child (even though everyone else besides me was obviously the problem), sobering talks with coworkers pointed that out (thank god) and I had to be a grown up and take some responsibility (not as fun).

Buh. Arf.

Adulthood, am I right?

Then I was thinking about spinning it to be like “hey stop being a whiny idiot because you always have control over how you respond.” But, like, in a hopeful way cause then your life won’t suck.

But apparently, that wasn’t meant to be. And this week is more about being thankful than it is pointing fingers. And I’m hopeful it will take less energy to be thankful than it will to be the nightmare I’ve been.

Now enough with all this serious talk. I need to go consume enough calories for a small country and/or army (or maybe both. Yeah, probably both).

To those of you who were smart enough to take off the whole week, I salute you (from my desk. Alone in the office. Because I was the slowest one to catch the train and ended up missing it). Think of me when you’re not waking up to the sound of an alarm.


Photo: NBC



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