Stop Ignoring Me

My favorite is being ignored at work.

If you’re a Cube City resident, then you know what it’s like to sit next to 4 different people within a 10 foot radius of your desk. You can’t ignore the fact, even if you wanted to – we’re just too close together. Barf.

So explain to me how it can be that you sit three cubicles away from me, are at your desk and don’t respond to my emails or phone calls? I’m trying some professionalism here by not getting up and demanding your attention in person, but it’s been like an hour, so either you’re dead or you’re ignoring me (both are bummers, but for different reasons).

Now, I could be a jerk and cc our collective boss in order to extract a swift email response from you, but we both know that wouldn’t solve anything in the long run. Next time I need something, you’re going to try to avoid me even more since you resent me from the last time I forced an answer out of you (in typical, passive-agressive office style, I might add).

Even if you could tell me when you might get back to me, that would really help me out. I don’t want to be your enemy. Heck, I might not even want to be your friend. But I do want to know the answer to my questions, so if you could hit me back, that would be great. I’ll even buy you a Starbucks (the silver bullet for favors and quick responses in Cube City).

Much love,


The Office - Pam Answering Phone

Photo: NBC

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